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That kicked absolute ass. Kudos to YOU... great character faces & smooth animating. Humorous shock value aplenty. Wobbity wobbity brain kaplooey.... --Dave

Ending ideas for YOU!

Just take an hour or two to make an ending, and update your .swf in the submission. Possible ideas:

1) Pie is cooked... fade out on pie. Everyone loves pie.
2) Oven explodes & cafe burns to the ground.
3) Truck crashes through window of cafe before pie finishes.
4) Pie transforms into giant robot
5) Pie is served to starving children... everyone's holding hands & it's a fucking Benetton ad from the late -'80s
6) Pie gets thrown in cameras face for a nice SPLAT! ending
7) Jason Schwartzman has sex with pie - obviously
8) Pie is eaten by some lady. It's crapped out & eventually fertilizes new blueberry trees. It's the goddamned circle of life, Simba
9) Blueberries weren't blueberries; they were poisonous unripened nightshade berries and everybody in the diner dies.
10) The blueberries are all little Earths and George W. Bush is the baker. He eats the pie and shits out a fountain of crude oil afterwards. OK, so this one might take more like three hours to animate...

Anyway, good art style.

Proud to earn this "protection point."

Proud to support Xeth for another submission on Newgrounds. Maybe now that you've dusted off PapĆ¼ for another installment, maybe we can see a new Bulbo animation again sometime soon! Happy Hannukah, Feinberg. You're the Feinbergiest...

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Speed 'er upps

I like Breakout & Arkanoid (Tetris is still my favorite) and am always happy to see new takes on 'em. I'm guessing the slow speed is because of all the crazy-ass extra animations. They are definitely trippy and add to the vibe, and it'd be a shame to lose them...but maybe cutting back just a little will speed things up? It should be manic like Arkanoid. I crapped my Toughskins every time back when I played that game on the cocktail arcade table at Pizza Hut in the '80s.

Hope you don't get discouraged or nuthin' with these "too slow" reviews. Great bit of programming going on, I like your originality with fonts, and the colors & music are great. I hope you're doing this for a living and making serious bank someday soon. As for first/second/third place... if that's your only motivation, well then... I would like to slap you in the face with a large fish.

Now update this game so I can gleefully waste all day playing it! I'll even Paypal you five bucks if you do. How can anyone say no to five bucks.

Six bucks?

It was good.

It was good and all, but it sure reminds me a lot of Retarded Animal Babies. (now removing tongue from cheek)

I'm very, very impressed

Stick figures sure are easy to animate, ain't they? But they get the point across on the lowest of budgets. The animating/art ability is there, you just choose not to use too much of it. Because fuck, man...who's writing the checks? I respect that.

Hello! I've made over forty Flash films since 2000 for Fark, CampChaos, National Lampoon, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and of course, you fine folks right here on Newgrounds. Retarded Animal Babies products available here: cafepress.com/animal babies

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