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Hello! I've made over forty Flash films since 2000 for Fark, CampChaos, National Lampoon, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and of course, you fine folks right here on Newgrounds. Retarded Animal Babies products available here: cafepress.com/animal babies

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Hello Newgroundsers! Only around 0.01% of you remember me, but 15 years ago I uploaded the first episode of Retarded Animal Babies... a 90-second attempt to be as stupid as possible while creating animated art. I made it in one 29-hour sitting. Probably in my sweat pants.

It's been since 2011 since episode 23... I've been through a divorce, a few moves, had a sex change, and changed it back again (and twice as big!). So it's been a while and I'm really not the same person I was back when my furry little characters cock-n-balled their way into your hearts. I've even removed Episode 20 in its entirety from Newgrounds until I can fix (or just nix) a scene depicting the suicide of Kurt Cobain... I kinda think it's disrespectful these days (not to mention inaccurate... I think the poor dude was murdered... watch "Soaked In Bleach" if you give a shit).

Anyway, people often wonder if I'll ever continue the series, and sometimes I think about it, since I've never made anything more popular than RAB and feel like I'm kind of obliged in some way to at least consider it. But that TITLE. It's pretty rough, right? I've thought about maybe renaming the series "Retreaded Animal Babies" or "Rebooted Animal Babies" to make fun of how Hollywood (and possibly even myself) is out of original ideas, and more recently "Retired Animal Babies" since they're so goddamned old (and yet still "babies," because of the Continuity Bubble that Bunny has them all permanently trapped inside), but isn't that lame & heavy-handed? What do you guys think? That dreaded "R word" has more of a stigma attached to it now than ever before. But my gut feeling is that watering RAB down for the sake of a pussy society's potential butthurt just doesn't sit right with me, and why placate would-be new fans while sacrificing the respect of you dyed-in-the-wool existing ones?

So fuck all that shit. I'd rather the series exist as it is, whether or not more installments ever get made, than to try to rebrand it now. Hmm, "Rebranded Animal Babies?" No. Seriously, fuck ALL that shit. I promise. And that's my anniversary gift to the fans today.

Happy Anniversary to RAB. Thanks for continuing to watch and enjoy it. You're all sick in the head, and I love ya for it! 


P.S. I Photoshop cats on Facebook these days... the meme creator's equivalent of knitting potholders: facebook.com/catlazers


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