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Anything Comics - from the creator of RAB

Posted by Dave - April 4th, 2016

Hey strangers! You guys would probably like Anything Comics (especially today's episode, which features all the RAB characters!). It's an interactive webcomic where you get to make suggestions (in the form of Facebook comments) for what you'd like me to draw. Keep it cool and thanks for continuing to enjoy RAB animations after 13 solid years on Newgrounds!

No new RAB episodes are planned by the way; this series was retired five years ago. But I do appreciate all the loyalty to the series and hope you'll continue to support new projects!

Comments (4)

Sweet, a new comic to follow.
I just wish you hadn't used Facebook, ah well.

Hopefully in time I can develop a page that has a dedicated comment system built in to it, but it'll be a while. I thought about using Wordpress but there are shortcomings there, too.

Interesting format for a webcomic, I'll check it out in the upcoming weeks.

Glad another NG legend is still around. :)

I can safely say that im not the only one who misses the RAB series, hope one day they do make a return. Nice to see you still dropping by here and that you are still making some fun stuff. :)

I can't believe how long it's been since I sat down, saw "Retarded Animal Babies" on the front page of Newgrounds, and got a good laugh out of learning a retarded alphabet. It may have been a little mature for a 12 year old, but it was amazing watching the series just continue on and on. And though it's retired, and I highly doubt you have any intention of reviving it, it will still be one of my favorite Newgrounds series of all time, and one of the series that put Newgrounds on the map. Everyone on here should be thanking and praising you for your hard work and dedication to the series throughout 23 episodes. Maybe it has staled over the years, especially compared to the animations people are spoiled with now. But always remember that it was your creation, and that there's still a large cult following behind it.

Your comics were funny too, though it's obvious you don't update the page anymore. It's great to see that you still care enough about your fans to keep them updated, even if it's only once in a while. Dave, you deserve every bit of credit you've been given.