Happy 10th birthday, Retarded Animal Babies

2013-04-06 18:48:34 by Dave

It is admittedly without much fanfare that my series "Retarded Animal Babies" turns TEN FUCKING YEARS OLD TODAY!

Yep, on April 6, 2003, RAB's first episode got uploaded to the burgeoning portal of Newgrounds, and got way, WAY more attention than I thought it deserved to get.

Tom and I briefly talked about making an event for RAB today, possibly with the inclusion of a long-overdue (or not at all called for in the slightest) 24th episode. The last one came out... when? Two years ago? I scripted and started storyboarding something for RAB24... it's not bad, not particularly inspiring, either... Then again, none of my scripts really started out that great... the fun stuff usually ended up happening while I was animating & coming up with last-minute crazy shit. I'm sure that would have been the case with this episode.

Anyway, life, work, being 43 and nowhere near as creative as my 33-year-old self (and certainly not the animators on this site half my age with 100x as much hunger to create free animation work!)... all got in the way, and now here we are with nothing but this post and I think perhaps a few beers later tonight to commemorate the millions and millions of views RAB got this past decade.

So... cheers to the Newgroundsers who still remember & like RAB... you all dragged out as much content from me as I was mentally and temporally able to generate for the site. As far as RAB24 goes, I can't promise it'll ever actually get made but I'll never say die, either.

You know what... I think I will do something special for you guys tonight. Fuck it.



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2013-04-06 19:19:50

And here I am 10 years later still watching retarded animals kill, fuck, and mutilate each other.


2013-04-06 19:47:52

Yep 10 Years of this and it never gets old.


2013-04-06 20:01:06

I think I may take a trip down memory lane and watch some of my old favorites again. This series brings back many memories of spontaneous, increasingly-loopy, ridiculousness.

Cheers for ten years!


2013-04-06 20:01:11

I think I may take a trip down memory lane and watch some of my old favorites again. This series brings back many memories of spontaneous, increasingly-loopy, ridiculousness.

Cheers for ten years!


2013-04-06 20:46:58

I think Retarded Animal Babies was some of the first videos I ever watched on the internet. Kudos to you good sir!


2013-04-06 20:47:26

I just saw the first episode again today and it still cracks me up! You are a true champ!


2013-04-06 23:01:19

Love rab can't wait of the new episode


2013-04-06 23:08:28

Congrats! I've been a fan since episode 1 and I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us now.


2013-04-06 23:57:28

You're the man, Dave.


2013-04-07 00:10:59

I'll treasure my RAB dvd forever in the depths of the ocean


2013-04-07 00:14:17

You're the Dave, man. We're both over 40: Our motto is "Never Say Die"
Speaking of which, how's your Pack Rat(ted) collection of synthesizers holding up?

Dave responds:

Pretty cool... I came out with a packrat book a couple months ago if you're interested. umop.com/packratbook.htm



2013-04-07 00:26:42

God bless you Dave.


2013-04-07 03:51:41

were still here for you


2013-04-07 04:16:56

I love you.


2013-04-07 04:50:13

Cheers on ten years man. The series has brought me much joy since I discovered it in 2007. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

P.S. I voted 5 on RAB9 yesterday.


2013-04-07 04:52:44

I'm very sorry, but it seems my comment was posted six times instead of just one time, as I had intended. My bad.

Dave responds:

No worries, I took care of it. ;-)


2013-04-07 05:43:39

DAVE! keep them coming for as long as you can possibly can!, RAB are an important asset to Newgrounds, and things like this DEFINE the type of entertainment on the internet.

i really think that you must feel proud of that,
i can say i grew up with these cartoons, making really boring days into interesting ones.

and cheers on your 10th anniversary making RAB.

yours truly Juan Lizarraga


2013-04-07 07:05:24

RAB will lie on forever, even without new episodes. :)

Congrats on ten long years of creative craze!


2013-04-07 08:13:15

10 years? Holy Christ wagons!

I was hooked on RAB from episode 1 and still love it to this day. LONG LIVE RAB!!


2013-04-07 13:19:47

I left this in the review box for RAB 9, but in case you missed it, I figured I should leave it here:

"Dave, I know you've been wanting to get out of RAB for a while, and honestly that's fine if you want to. I just want to say thanks for giving me something to laugh at for a decade. You've made my life just that much better by giving me filthy humor and mind-numbing awesomeness to laugh at so hard I hurt myself at times. Thank you my friend, thank you."

Tis very true, good sir. Tis very true. And hey, maybe it's time for a new series with something different, or a reboot of the old one. No one knows but you, but I will say this: I can guarantee with certainty that any true Newgrounder will love to see it when it comes out. Thanks Dave. Live long, and prosper.


2013-04-07 13:33:48

Dave. Dave. Dave.

I have wet dreams about you.


2013-04-07 15:23:18

Dave, I have an immense amount of respect for you. RAB pretty much shaped my childhood, which could explain a good many things. Either way, I've stuck with it 'till the end and loved every second! Thank you for contributing to the history of Newgrounds!

Your loyal fan,



2013-04-07 15:42:04

Congrats man, gave NG an amazing series and kids who grew up on the web have you show as the influence for many animators , You left your mark man, not many people can say that.


2013-04-07 19:41:46

Happy BirthDAVE RAB! Hope to see 24. If not, I love the series and still enjoy every one.

BTW, saw number 9 on here the other day, and laughed my ass off. Still funny as ever.


2013-04-07 23:29:56

What I consider a staple of NG to this very day... RAB is one of NG's greatest submissions ever. NG wouldn't be the same if you hadn't created such a masterpiece. Still funny as all get-out, and it was your cleverly and numerously placed easter eggs that got me inspired to attempt to animate also.

I'm getting to be older myself, I hope that age don't keep you from animating more RAB episodes. Don't let time pass you by for all the cool stuff you can share to "us" your fans. =-)


2013-04-08 16:42:50

Hey Dave been a fan for well almost 10 years I guess you can say which is hard to believe. I do have to agree that it's time to put the retarded animals down though. No show can survive ten years and not to get stale...except for maybe star trek but only as long as they keep adding wars and epic space battles n stuff.

Anyways thanksf or the episode and when you officially end the series I will support that as well.

The only thing that truly offended me though was that episode where God makes puppy lick peanut butter off his you know what is implied...I know it was just a joke but I think that one was going a bit far to the point that it ruins the chuckles that was building then crashes it down into a pretty uncomfortable level. So you were a cunt to do that but I still applaud your work, great quality and hard work.

I hope you and the family are doing well and look forward to seeing more work come from ya on here. Can you let us know what your next project may be, or is RAB still on the table for a while?


2013-04-09 13:48:25

Time to start a new chapter in your animating career old man. Good luck, Dave.


2013-04-09 17:17:22

Hmm after re reading his post seems like he hasn't given much shit for a long time. He's just too old for this crap anymore, was funny back in the day but who at his age would want to do this anymore? Would be kinda degrading in a way, other 40 year olds saw this, probably want to stay away, couldn't blame then but I'm not 40 I'm 25, and have watched this almost as long as he has been making them.

Was a fun run but if you dont care about doing it anymore why fuck with our bush and just say hey guys I'm done someone else can make them?


2013-04-10 00:03:37

I have a thought what if Dave went comic book on this pass it on to a new animator and writer, still would like the same voices though. maybe find some one who can keep the show going add some fresh ideas with the same core material. Hardest part would be finding someone who won't screw it up and make the fans form an angry mob. True this isn't the most inspired or witty show but it's not supposed to be it's supposed to be entertaining after a hard day of work log on to newgrounds and laugh either from little jokes or comedic violence plus i liked how his latest episodes had some continuity puppies failed marriage or bunnies depressing immortality. But this was all just a thought it's up to others to make it a reality.


2013-04-14 02:56:48

I just never could get interested in RAB, though I sat in awe of all sorts of other disgusting, disgraceful NG-nonsense since about 2003, it just never made it into my life. Perhaps I will give it a second chance someday. All the best though, Dave. Much respect.


2013-04-16 05:39:30

I've been following Retarded Animal Babies for over 7 or 8 years. It's good to know that it has gotten this far.


2013-04-20 16:11:26

Dave-- RAB is one of the primary reasons I have remained on the grounds for those 10 years. Congrats, and I say keep 'em coming, even if it's once every so often. With more keytars, of course. Cheers.



2013-06-20 03:53:02

I realize now I was 11 when my brother first showed me RAB and Newgrounds. And I am so proud that as a 21 year old raging alcoholic, its still hilarious. Thanks for the memories Dave.


2013-09-01 23:35:33

Man, I'd just like to say thanks, since this is one of the few things I still remembered from this site, and remembered fondly. When I came back, five years later and discovered that there were more episodes, I watched all the old ones and the new ones. I was disappointed that 9 still wasn't on, but it's finally posted and I can now watch it, cause I'm a cheap bastard :D Haha, but seriously, thanks for all the memories Dave. If the muse strikes you, I hope to see more again soon.


2013-10-19 13:30:54

When is next episode of RAB ?


2013-11-15 00:12:24

Is it safe to assume he is done with this series? Why not give us a heads up?


2013-11-21 08:24:52

any plans for a 24th?


2014-03-30 06:47:29

And very soon will be your 11th year here... it's already my 13th :\ Hey, add the http://www.anythingnapkin.com/ link to your page man! I never would've known about it, but, while I was looking at the top rated movies, RAB 9 came up, and I noticed the new link at the bottom.

That's really fantastic work you've done, just need to think of something... A PS4, humping an Xbox, humping a PS, humping an NES, humping a Colecovision, humping an Atari 2600.. which is trying to hump a cracked game of Pong :( I really don't want that. But I'll let you know what I want soon!

Any chance you'll trek to Glenside late April? Might be the last one there, Tom's putting the old NG HQ up for sale after the party...


2014-07-12 04:12:11

Well fuck Dave he hasn't shown any love for his fans for well over a year now, no sorry I'm done with RAB or hey got one coming up or anything, not a peep.

Meh oh well most of the legends on this site have left for greener pastures, or just done animating in general. It's time consuming and doesn't pay.


2014-07-13 20:40:09

Dave, my friends and I are all just hitting our 30s. I wanted to say THANK YOU for the hours of endless entertainment and laughs you gave us those many years ago. Seriously, kids these days will never know what the internet looked like before YouTube. Back in the day with original New Grounds and OG flash animation. RAB was one of the most impacting things in highschool. After hours of Rifts or D&D we would turn to episode 5 for a great laugh! Thanks again for defining more childhoods then you know!