Update from Dave

2012-11-30 17:14:29 by Dave

If you even recognize my user name, you probably are wondering if there'll ever be another episode of Retarded Animal Babies. I would reply with an equally relevant question: why the hell would you want one? There are 23, with each one being less and less popular than the one before. Every time I try to figure out new ways to milk the series, I end up checking my email or making a T-shirt or something else equally world-conquering. I announced plans for a 2nd DVD about a year ago, but after getting five pre-orders over a period of two months (the 1st DVD got 500!), I canceled all plans for one. Sad but true!

I would eventually like to make a different series, but animating isn't my #1 interest these days (can you tell?). I'm actually working on a new monthly comic book idea, and also a BIG book for my monthly comic strip "the Packrat" that appears in Keyboard Magazine, due out in January. So you see, I am still artistically busy; I just prefer doing things more fulfilling than trying to go back to the RAB well and come up with a worthwhile story (or even just weird series of imagery not already done before) for characters you probably enjoyed much more in way back in 2003 anyway!

I never, EVER say die, but man... it certainly does feel like RAB's time has passed. Not even Tom has gotten back to me about this topic in a while... and if he doesn't care, why should you or I? He's 100% right to back-burner this series; it has had its time in the sun and there are so many newer, better things to watch on Newgrounds these days. But I'm glad for the popularity it had, I'm glad it's still getting watched once and a while, and I'm really glad that you're somehow right here, reading this. If you're new to the series, be sure to check everything else out on umop.com because there is honestly a mega-dump shitload of stuff from over the years, some of which you might even like more than Puppy's nutsack (hard as that is to imagine).

This ain't no goodbye. Shit, half of today's Newgroundsers wouldn't even call it a hello, since they probably never heard of me. I still drop by and check things out in the Portal from time to time. Hope to see you there soon!



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2012-11-30 17:19:18

Well, as much as I love RAB, it's time you did some newer material considering that you have stiff competition from Rats on Cocaine.


2012-11-30 17:46:33

Sorry I never got back to you on that! It was one of those emails that I flagged to ponder and reply to later and then never replied to... My worst habit. :(

Dave responds:

My worst habit is hounding people with ponderable emails! :o)


2012-11-30 17:58:02

i respect your decision, but more importantly i respect that you realize the series' decline and don't recycle jokes until you've killed the characters. you're a funny guy and a great artist, you'll find something new and it'll be better.


2012-11-30 20:47:49

It always is sad to see something go, but RAB was pretty much the first thing on the internet I got nostalgic about. I feel it is better that you let it come to a solid end instead of just dragging it out and end up being less original than you once were. I'd like to see what a Dave-made short film would look like too, and if any of your future projects will have hints to RAB in them.


2012-11-30 21:21:04

man RAB was the first cartoon i watched on here and now......you make me want to burn things


2012-11-30 21:24:36

I am sorry to hear no more RAB, I am interisted in your comic can't wait to read it.^^


2012-11-30 21:49:42

RAB has been one of the top things I came to Newgrounds for, and yeah it will never die for sure. People might be a bit more loud about things like Madness but RAB definitely has a place here for those who have been around long enough. Just always be working on what you love most, that's what this place is for! Will definitely love to see anything new you have in store.


2012-11-30 22:42:55

It was a great run indeed Dave hopefully I bet you got more great ideas for the future and I can't wait to see it


2012-12-01 01:54:28

NOOOOO!!!!!!! RAB is amazing. My friends and I still quote it even today. I make the homosexual dinosaur joke almost everyday! I'm gonna be so sad :'{


2012-12-01 06:02:54

I do see it as a wise choice, although I loved every single episode you crafted it would be mindless to claim more... Perhaps an ending-series episode, something like they mess up really bad the Alternate Physics Law Usurper (was that the correct name..?) and they are stuck in a "real" reality where they would end up ageing and dying regularly.. Maybe Hamster would come up as the wiser of them all, would you figure that out?
..You know what, don't mind the ranting, just move ahead and do whatever you feel like man, I know we won't be disappointed, you just Rock.


2012-12-01 12:26:46

All good things must come to an end. RAB had a damn good run and that's something to be proud of. I've been a fan of RAB for a long time now, and I've enjoyed it a lot. I'm not disappointed that RAB might be coming to an end, because 23 episodes is something I can't complain about.


2012-12-01 12:30:28

You're a legend, man. And RAB was one of the main reasons I even signed up for an NG account! But talent like yours could bring the mass of views BACK to NG...never give up. And I'm looking forward to any continuations and new ideas alike from you!

Remember: "You are your own worst critic." WE still think you're fantastic. :D


2012-12-01 12:41:57

So....and I'm speaking for quite a few people here, but have you thought of uploading the "dvd only" episodes for those who waited patiently?

If not.....thats cool, it's your cartoon. Do what ya want! It had a good run, definitely made me go to the site more often


2012-12-01 15:44:32

23 is an inauspicious number to end the series on. Perhaps you may consider formally and absolutely ending RAB - let Bunny die already. If you don't want to do it for RAB's declining viewership on NG, do it for the characters themselves. That includes Satan. End it all for Satan.


2012-12-01 16:19:51

To be fair, I don't think it's just R.A.B., this is really sad, but I feel all newgrounds series have been suffering from lack of views...

If you're stopping making R.A.B. because people aren't viewing them as much...
Then fuck man you've been playing the animation game wrong, animating is one of the most time consuming things ever, and if you aren't working on shit that you yourself are proud of (or interested in), then what the fuck is the point?

Regardless I hope you end up doing something that you feel is worthwhile, you are very talented, and it would be shitty to see your skills languish...


2012-12-01 17:10:01

if its any consolation i still watch the christmas one every year or so, the one with the the script that rhymes. still makes me laugh as much as it did in 2004.


2012-12-05 02:55:29

I spread your gospel when I can to the younger NGers, but as far as DVD sales.. I hate to say YouTube, but it does get the most exposure. Kids these days want a video every month or so, to keep interest.
Very glad you're still with us, unlike Egoraptor and a few others I could mention, who ran squeeing to YouTube for cheap thrills and never came back.

Dave responds:

Unfortunately I've been blacklisted by Google for five years now, so I'll never earn anything from Google AdSense without a business partner. I'm still crossing my fingers that I can do something through the official Newgrounds YouTube channel someday!


2012-12-12 18:32:39

I've bean a fan of RAB since the first episode. I even have the first DVD. I'm really going to miss this series. I hope you'll at least consider doing a series finale episode to give the series, and all the characters a proper farewell.


2012-12-13 17:46:57

I wouldn't base the 'demise' of RAB on your lack of DVD sales. In fact, I'd say that DVD is kinda a dying medium. I would definitely rely more on advertising as a medium of revenge.

As for getting blacklisted from Google... you could always run ads in your flash videos, or try getting partnered on a different video site like Dailymotion.

I for one would certainly like to see more RAB.


2012-12-13 18:11:22

*edit, was meant to say revenue, not revenge.


2012-12-13 21:18:27

R.A.B. randomly crosses my mind and I come here to read that two weeks ago you've basically moved on from the series. FML.

Flash animation may be on the downslide in terms of popularity, but in the days of pre-post-cancellation Family Guy, your adult-humour was KING. Just sayin'. Now all the best to ya.


2012-12-15 01:19:29

RAB has been on Newgrounds for a while now. So I understand you want to try some new things and not just make RAB forever. You've given all of us many laughs over what the RAB cast did. I've enjoyed every episode you made,each were very funny. Before saying farewell to RAB,you should make a final episode so we'll know that the series ended and not just leave us hanging hoping you make more. I wish you best of luck making other things that we will watch and definitly give you a "5 Submission" and a "favorite" on our favorites list. Good luck dude!


2012-12-15 19:03:57

As many fellow Newgrounds users below, I too wondered if there had been a new RAB episode. I've been enjoying this series ever since the first or second episode and watched them all of course. I don't know if interest is dwindling, but RAB is one of the Newgrounds classics in my book. I can understand that you want to do something different and put your talents to use somewhere else though. Maybe a RAB finale would be nice, but after all those episodes we at Newgrounds should be thankful for the many laughs we got from RAB which sprang forth from your twisted mind. (And yes, this is a compliment ;) )


2012-12-21 11:55:12

I too agree that there should at least be an epilogue/final episode for RAB at least. Seems wierd to have it end on Puppy's wedding.


2012-12-30 19:17:47

Hey Dave, long time fan. I've been watching RAB for the last 6 years or so. It's a great show and I'm sorry that it wasn't a massive hit and made millions of dollars. But if it's consolation you made tons of people laugh and have left an indelible impression in Flash Animation and to an extent pop culture (Drawn Together). I'm all for doing new things and I think that's infinitely preferable to beating a dead horse but if you plan on ending the series could you please do at least one last episode wrapping everything up? Last episode wrapped up (for the most part) Puppy's story, but not the rest of the cast.

Please consider it.


2012-12-30 23:52:00

I really miss a lot of old stuff these days. Sealab 2021, Assy McGee, reruns of 90s SNL, Drawn Together, but RAB is the top of the list. I would've bought that second RAB dvd, but I didn't have money at the time. I do have an idea though, I think now is the time for an RAB Movie. Crowd funding is really in right now, I think you could do what that Newgrounds webseries Kickstarter project couldn't, successfully get funding and interest for one last hurrah. I believe it will work. I'd be first in line to pledge. Think about it.


2012-12-31 15:59:46

If there were a crowd-funding campaign for a RAB finale, I would definitely make a contribution.


2013-01-05 20:39:27

I'm sorry to say I don't have as much time for internet shenanigans these days either, I didn't even know that the last RAB was out... and therefore the new DVD. Ironically enough though I was just thinking how I would like to have one to finish off the set. I don't remember if I pre-ordered but I think I was one of the first to buy the last RAB DVD.
Shame to see it go but I'll keep checking in for new stuff whenever I can.


2013-01-08 08:26:41

Dave. You are fucking awesome. The man, as a matter of fact. I'm glad to see an update from you obviating that you've still a pulse. While I would give my left testicle (for the amount of times I said that I would be a freak of nature with several hundred testes on my left side, coincidentally) to see another episode of RAB, I completely understand and appreciate what you wrote.

I hope all is well and that you're showered in vagina per usual. Happy new year.


2013-01-12 22:50:06

Good gawd.. has it really been that long that I've been watching this series? Haha I've had these on my favorites for years - it feels weird being able to say "I remember when... " oh well even if it were to be a future without it still wouldn't be a sad thing. Fond memories are still just that, good times to remember and I will still watch them on occasion for a laugh (although I do have a horrible habit of remembering the entire episode as I play it ugh..)

it's still good to have things like this as a standard. Honestly there are a lot of new things I still don't enjoy as much as the older flash series. I tire of the random humor with no plot that seems to be the trend. So I stuck by this long safe to say I'll continue to do so for the foreseeable... is that even a word.. oh well w/e - future.

An lastly congratulations on hearing the good news on your progressing work as long as you don't forget to say hello the old folks will gladly show kindness in return!

I need to stop writing without a flow of thoughts going this is horrible lol...


2013-02-08 15:15:41

they will be missed although i always thought you made them for fun not profit but they had a lot of good memories hard to believe it got less popular but the once a year thing did put a damper on it for me maybe make a short farewell episode or something and i hope to see your animations grace this site again btw i actually came across this post while on my way to watch sci-fi guys lol


2013-02-11 01:49:05


I just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you put into RAB. There was a time when you were really putting your heart and soul into the project and it was extremely enjoyable to watch. How many can say they created a 23 episode running series, especially as old as the concept was. When you did a couple things for 106.9 a couple of years ago it seemed like you were moving on and as long as you're happy doing that then that's what truly matters.

An artist actually getting to do what they enjoy is a glorious thing and it's great seeing one do that.

Good Luck


2013-02-13 07:29:18

No hard feelings at all. I mean, damn, a whole decade of animation work? That's more than my fav cartoon the Swat Kats got! And they had Koreans to do the animating job! I hope you do well on your current and future projects man, and RAB 23 was one heck of a goodbye episode, dude

Times change and all, but hey, legends keep on living. Take care and thanks for all the pee pee places!


2013-02-13 14:04:34

It was great while it lasted, fun times. Good luck on whatever new ventures that await, though I hope some of them will make it back to NG. A comic in flash form? Easy to arrange!


2013-02-19 19:53:40

If anything, I think you should make a finale. It'll give fans closure in knowing that this series is over and you won't get more messages in regards to this.... unless their I.Q. has dropped too low.


2013-02-24 00:42:53

If you're not doing RAB, why not do a few more Weird Al AMVs?

And if you are looking to do at least one more RAB, why not make it a bloodbath bigger than any of the doomsday episodes?


2013-03-04 03:46:50

Heya dave. I'm still around. :)


2013-03-12 20:24:15

i REALLY wish that you would make more RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES! because I love it, and A LOT f OTHER ppl love it! but of coarse, it's YOU'RE choice! but maybe you could like, work A LITTLE ona retarded animal babies, when you get time? or make one if you want and or CAN! it would mean A LOT, to me as i am STILL as much of a fan NOW as i where several YEAR'S ago, when i FIRST watched it, and now im gonna watch the series AGAIN, HEART BROKEN, that you probably won't make more retarded animal babies! :*( but if this is what make's YOU happy, then i say DO IT!


2013-03-19 19:52:08

how about something south park like


2013-03-22 07:56:56

Did you resubmit a RAB movie recently (3/19/13)? Just wondering which one.... or if someone on NG's end did some tweaking to your collection folder. Hope something can be worked out to get your stuff distributed online, make a few bucks. YouTube's nice, but I'd never make an account there :|


2013-09-14 13:10:49

really love retarded animal babies so much