Hamster gives you a tour of Zurker.com

2012-04-15 19:29:28 by Dave

So there's this brand new, microscopically tiny social media site out there called Zurker. It promises to out-do Facebook in a few years, mostly because instead of one billionaire running the show, the site grants partial ownership free of charge to all new members, making it a democratic, all-for-one kind of thing.

Right now there's only around 1,000 members, but I've gotten on board with a few other sites early in their life, including Fark.com and a certain animation website notable for stick figure animations and pants-shitting donkeys. I've become able to see potential for big things, and this is just such a place. Get in on the ground floor now, even if you don't really use the site for anything just yet. It's like when people bought up plots of land on the Moon for $5 each back in the '70s and '80s. The chances of actually using that land are slim, but hell, if they're giving it away now, even if the chance is remote it'll ever really amount to anything, fuck it, I'm in.

You get a vShare for every friend you refer. I'm up to around 670 thanks to my having animated this little tutorial video featuring Hamster from Retarded Animal Babies. If Zurker ever reaches the status of Facebook or even MySpace, the value of these shares will make me a millionaire, since I got on board so early.

I will then finally have the time & resources to either 1) make another RAB film, or 2) stop worrying about ever making anything ever again.

Hamster gives you a tour of Zurker.com


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2012-04-15 19:37:56

I'd love this to become big, only for you to have time and resources to make moar RAB-films...



2012-04-15 19:45:04

If google+ can't out-do facebook why would this site be able to do so?


2012-04-15 23:35:48

I'm over 30 so I know a pyramid scheme when I hear one, however, it's decentralized nature seems an interesting concept... if I do sign, I'll do it under your referral :3 's least I can do for all the wonderful things you've brought me here, at NG!
You do it because it feels good.


2012-04-16 04:58:33

Sadly, the name is pretty awful and the site looks kind of ugly. Doesn't look to inviting. :/


2012-04-16 06:44:18

It says that it's on an invite-only basis now. Can someone shoot me an email for this at NewgroundsZJ@Gmail.com?


2012-04-16 20:26:12

They are putting waaaay too much focus on the potential profit gain and not nearly enough on the actual social elements of a website.

It's a good idea but they are implementing it in such a terrible fashion. Still I gave you one more vShare.


2012-04-18 14:08:37

Ignore my previous comment. I wasn't going to your link specifically. Cool stuff!


2012-09-14 09:02:17

Man fuck you Dave, takes you well over a year to make anything anymore, you used to be big on here, why not have the courtesy to at least tell your fans that you really dont have time for your series anymore. I mean holy fucking sht it's been over a damn year since we saw your last episode dude.

Do you simply not care anymore or what? Give us something damnit, or tell us to not expect anymore, I'm tired of waiting. I may sound ungrateful but I know that it doesn't take a year to come up with an episode, I know it's rather time consuming but fuck it almost doesn't take a year for a fucking full blown movie to be finished anymore, not with the technology we have today, they simply wait for marketing reasons.

You have failed me for the last time...


2012-09-14 09:07:09

Ya know what fuck this rab series, you clearly dont care about it anymore and honestly if I were your age and STILL doing some retarted animal baby show on a website I'd be rather embarrassed just like John is on his arby in the chief series on youtube only he has way more talent than you, and way fucking more funny.

Cya I used to watch your RAB series all the time was one of those things where after work I needed my brain to go dead, but now I just use alcohol and talk shit on halo reach live.

You were once cool but not anymore but thats ok many on here have stopped being all that interesting, hell my wife doesn't go on here anymore not for a long time really.


2012-09-15 21:46:36

Hey Dave Hope All Is Well. I bought your dvd's awhile ago & RAB never gets old. I'm not the biggest Facebook fan out there but lots of people might really like Zurker. Best of Luck & Thanks for All the Fun Times =)


2012-10-12 04:34:51

Thanks for SFG and RAB, fellow denizen of 80's keyboards :) You made the internet look good, and my opinion of you won't change (even if you are trying to hump some pyramid scheme... I almost did in the 90's) Even if you don't have the courtesy of remembering your fucking logon to this site, I still love and respect the joy you have worked so hard on... heheh, hard on.

You know what? Just do whatever tickles your fancy, but it sure would be nice to hear from you on this old war horse of a site. After December Doomsday, you might not be able to, and that would suck mightily. How about one last blast using all the character models getting the shit kicked out them when the Apocalypse strikes? Or something... completely different?


2017-08-10 04:04:55

RIP Zurker. Silicon Valley needs to be razed.

Jump on it, Erdogan.