2007-07-24 11:26:44 by Dave

Today's upload of the tenth and second-to-last installment of Sci-Fi Guys is definitely the most brazen one. It's nothing compared to Retarded Animal Babies as far as nudity (it's kind of hard to top a "death by titfuck" scene, after all), but it's sort of the missing link between my more family-friendly shit and my cum-guzzling dickfests that RAB tend to be.

A lot of people are asking me if I intend on watering down RAB to make it more sellable. In other words, do I plan on selling out? The short answer is NO. The easiest reason I can't and won't sell out regarding the content of RAB is that I may not even have TIME to make a RAB film more than once per year the rate I'm going (although I still have no intention of quitting the series), so the graphic language and nudity and drug use and kitten-raping and nun-fucking would be done almost as a celebration of the fact that I'm finally getting to make a RAB film! I'm so happy when I have a chance to make one, I just want to fill it up with every last drop of brain semen I can muster.

But the biggest reason is because RAB lets me get this sort of boobie bullshit out of my system while keeping me out of trouble.

RAB has been, and always shall be, my own personal artistic smut siphon. An outlet to pour all my evil thoughts into an animation, so I wouldn't ever feeled compelled to put career-damaging subliminal messages into other works I make for paying clients from time to time. Imagine what Weird Al would have had done to me, if he ever found an Easter Egg in the Virus Alert video which turns him into a vagina monster or something. RAB gets that shit right out of my system (the vagina monster, for example, can be seen in RAB16 on the DVD), leaving everything else in my life safe and secure.

You need an outlet, boys and girls. Get that depravity out of your brain in harmless ways. If you're lucky enough to have a sex partner willing to help you out there someday, fantastic then. If you can draw a straight line and want to dump your load into a cartoon like I do, I would certainly understand that too. Just get it out of your system before you're in your fifties & you're a crazy fucking pervert flashing your withered, graying junk at people in the subway.



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2007-07-26 00:43:58

i bet weird al would be jealous of your former mullet collection.


2007-07-27 19:56:28

Moar RAB


2007-07-27 20:29:16

You better not water down RAB, it's one of the most kick-ass flashes on Newgrounds (or anywhere), heh.

Speaking of, I hope the next RAB flash is out soon. It's amazing that even after 18 episodes and various other tidbits, it's still new and exciting and fucking awesome. If you can top Sean Connery getting facefucked by a dog, I will give you all my internets.


2007-07-30 17:54:15

Yes, when can we expect the RAB movie? Or are RABs gonna be bitch-slapped by Matt Groening? After all, we are now in the far off year of 2007 A.D. LOL