RAB turns 7 today!

2010-04-06 09:38:12 by Dave


Today is the seventh anniversary of the day I uploaded the first episode of "Retarded Animal Babies" here on Newgrounds, which has been seen 3.5 million times. HOORAY! This, coupled with the fact that I still get asked every single day (no, really) about when a new episode is coming out, has spurned me this fine Tuesday morning to post not only a long-overdue RAB news update, but to mention where things are headed for me artistically otherwise, and to relate a small bit of interesting news about a corporate project in which you can see the RAB characters in all their poorly-rendered splendor.

YES INDEED, I do want to make RAB22. It exists in my head ("WTF ITS NOT EVEN STORYBOARDED YET YOU COCK PUNCHER") and there are a lot of fun reasons to make it. First of all, I have a great idea for it mapped out & ready to script. I still love writing for & drawing these characters when & if my freelance art career allows the pseudo-annual, comically colonic release of RAB. And I owe it to the fans, as much as I owed them the other 20 sequels (I guess).


1) I'm a lazy sack. That's not news at all.

2) There are now just about as many detractors as there are supporters. Some of them want to see something different, some of them just want me to die. I can accept either of these reasons.

3) After eight years and 21 episodes (not including a couple of somewhat lame contest entries), this dead horse is beaten to a bloody pulp. And the poor thing wasn't even a horse at all, it was a one-trick pony.

4) My hands hurt, Mama. Fetch me some hot tea and a lukewarm muffin stump.

5) I suck at art, and would rather play keytar in a Pagan's Mind tribute band.


So it's a draw (no pun intended). Lots of reasons for RAB21, lots of reasons against it (along with, perhaps, my "mortal retirement").

What about a different project? Well, I recently tried a Hamster-themed webcomic for a little while; got kinda tired of it. I did non-RAB related daily comics for a bit before that, got tired of it. Drew out a few ideas for some flicks here and there, tossed 'em in the trash before they even had a script. See the pattern?

I get bored really easily, which by itself should explain how tough going back to my trusty eight-year-old well might be for me. If I'm ever going to take my art career (and/or hobby) seriously, maybe I need to find an outlet that has some non-puppy-ballsack meaning. Or guess what... maybe I could just choose not to give a crap about "meaning," and simply flatulate my way through life with big titty chicks and dick jokes. Sounds like fun too, doesn't it? Especially for a lazy sack, shouldering daily death threats?



P.S. Oh yeah, the corporate RAB thing. Almost done with it. Not sure if I'll upload it on Newgrounds, so keep regular tabs over at my art site (umop.com) this week. It's for a crazy-cool German music company called "Sidsonic," for a product called "TUBES." It's a virtual instrument based heavily on various Metasonix tube-based boutique audio products. Since I've done a lot of RAB art for Metasonix in the past, the viral video tie-in seems like something that just had to happen. It's pretty funny so far, so stay tuned.

P.P.S. Thanks for watching RAB!


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2010-04-06 09:43:23

I remember being there for episode 1, and I'm STILL a huge fan. Sure you can procrastinate around it, knowing it's not going to animate itself, but don't twist your arm into doing something your heart isn't into.

My vote is for it. Happy Birthday, Retarded Animal Babies!


2010-04-06 10:01:14

Hapy congradulations! ^___________________^


2010-04-06 10:02:24

I bought 2x RAB DVD, but one I gave away for christmas, and the other is "borrowed" by one of my friends. I still haven't seen it! :(


2010-04-06 10:18:50

I do hope you someday get around to posting another one. I look forward to it. Either way, cheers!


2010-04-06 11:03:02

Happy birthday!


2010-04-06 12:30:21

Sounds like an excuse for an RAB marathon!

-goes and watches all previous episodes-


2010-04-06 12:37:41

Dammit! Don't be a lazy sack and go upload RAB22 now! Haha! Just kidding, man! You rock!


2010-04-06 13:26:59

Now i feel old :(! I also remeber the first episode. My favorite is sill when the smoke weed and play D and D


2010-04-06 13:37:33

So I'm guessing the animal baby's aren't baby's anymore? Retarded Animal Teenagers...yuck.

Dave responds:

Nah, they're always babies. This inane incontinuity has been touched on a few times... for example, in RAB18 Bunny says he's been married three times (each having been ruined by drugs), and meanwhile everyone's insisting on being only three weeks old.

It's this kind of writing that punishes people for trying to pay attention to RAB plot themes. Protip: there is no point.


2010-04-06 14:50:58

Excuses, excuses. :)


2010-04-06 15:12:55

Man, people don't know what they want, everything sounds good when it's just an idea. I remember thinking after seeing the Matrix for the first time "That was incredible! I wish they'd make more!" Yeah...we all know the end of that story.

We all have plenty of great RAB memories, and for somebody who claims to be bored with an idea easily, 21 EPISODES of a flash series is MAD FUCKING IMPRESSIVE. I think you should let it rest of you're ready to move onto something else.

The horse is beaten, let's just enjoy the memories of it when it was alive and kicking instead of putting lipstick and a wig on it's corpse.

Dave responds:

Don't you dare knock a good corpse-fuck.


2010-04-06 15:16:14

As much as I want RAB 22, I think you should bring back Jot and Jab when you get the chance. As for being lazy and getting bored easily, I have that problem as well. Good luck with any new and original material, I'm for it as long as it's good.


2010-04-06 15:44:12

Wait, is it dying yet?
RAB 21 was still top-notch quality :|
Screw those who hates you wants you to die, why should you care?
The rest of us can't wait to watch RAB 22, go for it!


2010-04-06 15:45:36

RAB series is the greatest cartoon ever created. Period. I thank You for creating it. This 8 year anniversary is really a wonderful day. Wow, it has been so long... RAB had a great impact on my life, like, hooking onto DnD, obtaining a jew-harp, remembering BTTF everytime someone mentions a MAC and always insisting that BTTF has four parts, and still trying to find a place to buy a sh*tload of chips ahoy (i wonder how they taste). Hehe, I even memorized the whole dialog of some RAB episodes. Anyway, i hope You will make more episodes. RAB is the main reason why I still visit this site. Yet again, You have my thanks. Enough said, i think.
P.S. My english sux. And my opinion expressing skills sux even more. So please forgive me if this review is strange / crappy / makes no sense. Bye.


2010-04-06 15:56:42



2010-04-06 16:57:26

wow! 8 years! bet those have been goods years on Dave havnt they?

Dave responds:

LOL. Just... LOL.


2010-04-06 18:05:33

It's always been a fantastic series, I laugh even today. Keep up the great work, man. Looking forward to future episodes!


2010-04-06 18:49:54

hooraaaaaaaaaay! :D


2010-04-06 18:57:33

RAB was one of the first flash animated series I ever became aware of and was a really big influence on me and my shorts. I think after 8 years you deserve a rest and a chance to pursue something else if you want to. RAB will always be here and the mark it's left behind on the web abimation scene will not be forgotten.


2010-04-06 19:37:13



2010-04-06 21:44:20

8 years and still babies...

Kind of like the Rugrats


2010-04-06 22:20:02

*Sigh* It seems like only yesterday that we learned that Splunge is for Splunge and XXX is for beer... AND porno.

Anywho, happy Birthday RAB. May you continue to provide precious Polaroid moments of my brother making sick faces whilst watching your toons. Seriously, my wife & I had to frame his reaction to the bit where Puppy humped Sir Sean Connery. That face was gold.

An episode 22 would be nice, but there is no rush plus even if it is the end of the series, I have plenty of fond memories the series so at least I can settle with that. Oh, and I can also settle with memories of my aforementioned brother laughing whilst simultaneously wretching. That always tickles my inner 5 year old asshole.


2010-04-07 00:53:22

I used to hate those fags who heard about it from ebaums world. RAB ftw!


2010-04-07 10:10:42

i was about to comment on RAB 20 and noticed it has 666 reviews =O


2010-04-08 14:57:06

Are you actually 40 years old?


2010-04-12 13:48:19

congrates for rab turning 7
ps whens rab 22 coming out