Behind-the-Scenes RAB video, daily comics, & RAB9

2007-10-10 12:00:37 by Dave

Hi all,

Retarded Animal Babies 19 *will* get done within the next 3-4 weeks. There's a lot of boobs in it so I'm really taking my time with those.

In the meantime, I've YouTubed an old 2003 video I made (live action) of a Behind-the-Scenes look into RAB. Specifically, I was working on RAB5 at the time. The video is right here. I had a lot more hair back then... a LOT more... Anyway, you can see this video on my CD-ROM (now THERE'S an obscure, olden times format!), but since that's a fairly out-of-date product (only has RAB1 thru RAB8 on it), I figured I'd upload the vid separately elsewhere for your endurement.

Also, starting around a month ago, I've been posting daily comic strips on my homepage, to get more traffic to the site. Spread the word & drop by every day!

One last thing. In my continued efforts to make RAB a full-time job (as opposed to a hobby I never have time to work on), what do you guys think about my selling RAB9 for $1 on I'm very curious to hear your feedback about this. Is that buck going to make you hate me? And can most of you use something like Paypal for that? I'm still working on setting all this up, but I'll keep all your suggestions in mind in the meantime.




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2007-10-10 12:18:27

WHOOT RAB 19 soon! i love your work man! (almost as much as your face)


2007-10-10 12:29:47



2007-10-10 13:09:34

Wow you drew all the RAB characters on paper and then inked them and then scanned them , i just thought that you used a Wacom tablet for them all... lol

if that were me i would've went insane

and I'm surprised that you haven't since you made 40 cartoons that way

Dave responds:

It's true... it was a long, torturous process. I use the Wacom now, though. Between that and not having that hair in my eyes, I've increased productivity by 348.5%.


2007-10-10 13:39:26

wowzer, always good to see the pro's at work :D, boy that mustve taken ages!


2007-10-10 13:41:11



2007-10-10 14:22:07

Boobs?! FUCK OFF! Vaginas plz.


2007-10-10 14:31:57

In the long run, it was probably better for your product that you went through such painstakingly tedious attention to accuracy via penning and scanning your artwork. I'm positive your shorthand (working directly out of the computer) is that much better for it.

Very entertaining vid :D


2007-10-10 17:45:24

R.A.B. is quite possibly the most awesome thing since ketchup, is it hard for you to make the daily cartoons?

Dave responds:

Nah, they only take about 30-60 minutes each. They've actually been fun little "art warmups" first thing in the morning... gets me in the zone to work on my joe job stuff (Flash games, etc.) for the rest of the day. Just like coffee is an eye-opener, these dailies have been my brain-opener.


2007-10-11 18:30:49

well you better hurry the fuck up with rab 19 or im going to be very disapointed. i might even cry. anyway just try to get it done and make it good.


2007-10-12 20:05:36

can u persuade itunes to do it for you?


2007-10-13 07:01:33

wow is really cool that you give the news on my birthday,i am lolled for that


2007-10-16 06:22:46

I think anything that helps make RAB a full-time job for you would be excellent. You should probably make RAB 9 cost a million dollars because I'm pretty sure Bill Gates and a few Mafiosos watch RAB, so then you'll instantly be able to afford everything you need for a career in RAB cartoonism. Seriously man, the one-dollar thing's alright, especially if it goes to helping out the Retarded Animal Babies (I couldn't bring myself to acronymize it anymore in one post). Expect to hear a lot of bitching from the retarded protozoa section of your fanbase though, but I guess you could just call that separating the loyal fans from the assholes, huh? Helpful for everyone!

Also I love the fucking crap out of that cartoon. So I hope 19 is as awesome as the others!



2007-10-18 07:35:14

I hope they ask u to do this series for TV, RAB kicks ass!


2007-10-18 14:15:56

OMG, that TransVestites comic you did, I thought that when I looked at the box lol. No lie, I'm just too lazy to do anything with it XD


2007-10-18 15:31:11

I just noticed your initials backwards are LCD, LCD productions. I'm a freakin genius huh?


2007-10-22 19:50:18

I'd definitely buy the episode for $ 1 (coz thats only 50p here). Would you also release 13 (i think thats the other one you didn't)?


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