RAB19... where it's at

2007-08-30 10:59:23 by Dave

Hey gangz...

I get a daily stream of emails about the whereabouts of the next Retarded Animal Babies film. Without excessively pounding my excuse pud too much, I'll just say that it's being scripted today, based on a story concept that's just... fucked.

Originally, I wanted to have a Back-to-School type of installment ready by, like, NOW, and I even have a script ready for something like that, but its scripted ending was just... MEH. Also, it was actually written a couple of years ago ('twas going to be something like RAB13 I think), and a lot of the humor in it is dated already. RAB has gone in strange & unusual directions since then, so this particular script either needs complete re-tooling or (an easier propect) to be scrapped entirely.

The idea I'm instead going ahead with is much, much... well, I don't want to say "better," but... more in the vein of where today's RAB is at, y'know?

Previous installments have been done through my day-job company Left Brain Games (acting as a silent partner), but future ep's will have to be produced on my own. This means I can't do anything during normal work hours. And you know what THAT means? Nights and weekends, baby.

But hey, look on the bright side. I broke off my engagement a couple of months ago, meaning I'm a single, lonely dumbass again with plenty of time (and my own Johnson) on my hands. So hopefully this next one won't take too long. Can't say exactly when of course. They aren't the easiest things to bang out any more...



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2007-08-30 16:00:07

Looking forward to it, I really admire the clean animation you do.


2007-08-30 19:38:16

Aw, broke off your engagement? Sorry to hear. If it helps, I plan to buy the RAB DVD you have very soon.

...Actually, I guess it doesn't. But hey, more money in your pocket is never a bad thing.

Also, don't feel so obligated to pump out RAB's fast. I for one don't mind waiting a few months for each new episode, it just gets me all the more excited.


2007-08-30 21:53:05

I'm guessing this wasn't the best summer ever.

I think you've earned a vacation.

(Updated ) Dave responds:

I would chop off one of my toes for a whole month off on a hammock somewhere.



2007-09-01 05:43:27

You're never single, so long as you have millions of Newgrounders willing to suck your dick.

And take as much time as you need for RAB19...make it absolutely cocktastic.


2007-09-01 17:25:04

*insert generic fanboy comment*


2007-09-01 18:16:51

i luv retarted animal babies make more plz :)


2007-09-01 22:37:29

Did you know that you're king of the portal today? XD
Check it. If you aren't on it then you were yesterday.


2007-09-04 15:41:03

I love all your flashes man, can't wait untill your new one


2007-09-05 00:27:04



2007-09-08 00:40:56

So RAB 19 is gonna be hard to squeeze through because of your day job, well, I still admire you and your work. I've watched and gave a big-ass well deatailed reveiw to each and every RAB episode you submitted to Newgrounds,i'm looking forward to another soon. Well, anyway good luck with your project.
Big fan...



2007-09-09 04:28:48



2007-09-09 22:13:40

i love retarted animal babys.So funny dave thnx.


2007-09-13 19:48:54

Don;t rush it! I would rather wait longer and have the episode kick ass rather than have it come out fast and just be ok. You're awesome, man. Kepp up the good work!


2007-09-14 15:57:17



2007-09-15 02:20:48

I like how almost every photo of weird al has him giving the camera a look like he's about to destroy the world with his mind or something.


2007-09-17 00:21:10

RAB is so cool how long it has lasted. It is still as funny as the first one (or funnier). Take your time dude. Although this quote was meant for games here is something that Shigeru Miyamoto said "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever". Just replace the word "game" with "hilarious crude humor flash movie". I know it has been a while since it was made but, congrats on making the Virus Alert music video. People who have never heard of you even like your work now (friend said so).


2007-09-20 21:23:42

all i can say is..... horray!


2007-09-30 12:58:37

I think a good RAB in the future would be a wrestling one.


2007-10-01 02:42:47

Also, what happened with your engagement? was she a bitch?

Dave responds:

Naw, I was a bitch. We got back together a few weeks ago anyway.


2007-10-01 21:08:03

Dave, you lucky son of a bitch! I wish someone would take a picture of me standing next to Al! Anyways, I've been wondering when the next RAB would come out. I've followed the series from the first episode with teh alphabetz all the way to RAB 18, where Puppy.... well, I won't give it away for those who haven't seen it. But I hope 19 kicks as much ass as the others. Don't disapoint me, or the other RAB fans.



2007-10-03 03:54:19

cool l am waithing for it long time l am your biggest fan dave.


2007-10-05 12:34:47

Dave....are you still working on the RAB19?!

I cant w8 to see it....Your a genius....serious...Your the best =3


2007-10-07 02:30:35

Ahh, good ot hear it. So you're going to get married? congratu-fuckin-lations man! :D. Don't get whipped ;)