King of the Portal

2007-08-06 23:45:50 by Dave

I just wanted to say to anyone reading my user page this month... how cool it is to Reign Supreme in this orange-and-grey empire of filth, frivolity, friends and family (hmm... who can help me out with another F-word here?). I'm honored and only wish I could have (finally) attended Comic Con this year to shake some hands.

I promise I will do everything in my power to go next year & bring a shitload of free DVDs... but that means I'll need to reserve a hotel room RIGHT NOW because those bitches fill up fast. They probably already have, actually.

But I'm getting off-track.

My Portal Kingship is, frankly, undeserved, because it's only been the weekly uploads of my old Sci-Fi Guys toons, and a tepidly-received RAB game, that allowed me to upload 5 higher-than-average-rated files in one month. So I salute all the submitters that actually created a multiple amount of *brand new* stuff this month that also got high ratings... all the Portal Princes and Princesses and Dukes and Knights and, uh, Rooks... shit, I ran out of titles. Drunk again, sorry.

But I definitely am very happy. These Sci-Fi Guys films were, after all, my first! And 2000-2001, when I made them, was such a long, long time ago. Some of you were still shitting your sheets back then... and the standards for quality have gotten increasingly intimidating ever since. To have successfully competed on this level with an old product strokes me big time.

And in all seriousness, I plan on using all this prestige to get laid every single day. Oh come on, like you wouldn't. It's either that or just write drunken, rambling posts on Newgrounds and go shit my sheets for old times sake.



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2007-08-07 05:06:37

I know that I would have sex with the King of the Portal. And anyone who says otherwise is lying out their ass.


2007-08-07 12:17:56

You want another F word?


2007-08-07 13:10:08

you should make more retarted animal babies their awesome.


2007-08-08 01:59:56

LOVE YOU DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2007-08-08 11:08:59

congratulations dave, king of the portal. to be honest im not a huge fan of sci fi guys, i do like it though. i like RAB, its my favorite flash series. i have been following them since the day the second was entered into the portal, and have loved all your work. i was at comic-con this year, and maybe if u go next year ill see ya there.

thanks dave
-chris w, lynn massachussetts


2007-08-08 11:47:07

You'll always be king to me Dave..hehehehehe :D

And another f word, Fagiggly :P


2007-08-08 22:00:16

Congrats on being King of Portal, also it's cool that you've met Weird Al as judging by your pic.


2007-08-08 22:38:56

Although you are king, you are a fraud. StrawberryClock is the real king of the portal :)


2007-08-09 02:15:10

Strawberry clock isnt the king of anything let me tell u KKyuubi, hes not popular at all in addition to his crappy flashes.
Great job on king of the portal, i hope to see more RAB cartoons soon 8D


2007-08-09 08:37:08

Congrats, Dave, go have a beer. Great profile pic by the way.


2007-08-09 12:33:12

Shaggytheclown17 , If he isn't popular, why does everyone know about him?


2007-08-09 13:31:29

i just whatched the first retarded animl babies... it was awsome... and don't make fun of people with dislyxia... i have it... it was still funny though


2007-08-09 16:43:00

u are happiest


2007-08-10 22:57:26

great stuff!
Keep making movies man!
They're the best!


2007-08-13 21:50:24

dude u are king of the portal because u get an award for like every flash i would make u king too if i got to chose


2007-08-13 22:53:03

I think your King of the Portal title is well deserved, the only other person I could imagine being King of the Portal is Adam Phillips, his work is great too. But enough about him, keep up the good work. And nice job working with Weird Al :D


2007-08-15 00:16:28

Felicidades en tu King de Portal. SI.


2007-08-15 09:03:15

n00b. Strawberry is my king poser


2007-08-15 10:43:30

A king of the portal from CT, I don't believe!


2007-08-15 15:16:08

you kno wierd al?


2007-08-15 16:56:36

you are sexay


2007-08-17 14:15:52

its dave HAIL TO THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and please blam the shit outa this flash called dutty the clown it sucks ass balls and everything else


2007-08-18 01:47:22

Weird Al!?
You're oficially my hero.


2007-08-18 03:21:36

Retarded animal babies is my fave flash of all time, ive watchd all of them like 50 times and i get my friends to watch them as well lol


2007-08-20 16:12:11

Oh mah Gawd! Wierd Al! ENVY! XD You deserve King.

F Word: Frigidare!


2007-08-20 18:16:34

Well done no becoming King of the Portal. But you cannot kill StrawberryClock, StrawberryClock is King of the Portal! (Yeah I've joined the Clock Crew.)


2007-08-21 08:31:24

Oh Holy Dave, King of the Portal!... Or something like that... Anyway, PLEASE MAKE MORE RAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Stirl


2007-08-21 14:11:33

omg your the one1 who made sci fi guys omg id think better of some1 who got to touch wierd al.....ofcourse i kno i havent submitted anything yet


2007-08-21 15:48:47



2007-08-21 23:08:16

haha! make the women plesant give you head!

but for real, great job on being king of the portal


2007-08-22 11:50:05

wow, nice one dude! you rock!


2007-08-22 19:26:54

it means youre sexy harry potter ROTFLOL!!!!!!1111!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!!!!


2007-08-22 20:35:21

Your music video for Virus Alert was awesome! It makes me feel good to know that some of my favorite flash artists are up in the world of fame like that. (Translation to Computer N00B: UR MY00ZIK VID 4 V1RuZ 4LRT WuZ AW3S0M!!! ET M8KZ M3 PH34L G00D T4HT S0M3 OV My F4V FL4SH 4RT1STZ R ^ IN T3H WURLD OV F8M L1K3 TH4T!!!11!!1


2007-08-22 21:54:19

I am glad that you became King of The Portal, you make great works I love RAB and hope that you will keep making them. And I just might check out your Sci-fi Guys, well good luck with whatever you will do.


2007-08-22 22:04:20

Another F word?hmm..... fun, funny, fucked up. thats all i can think of now, d('-'d)


2007-08-23 10:23:22

you are the greatest


2007-08-23 17:13:34

Cool, ure the king of the portal! Awsome!


2007-08-23 23:18:06



2007-08-24 00:16:04

ill laid you, oh dave king of the portal.


2007-08-24 03:30:17

Dave anwer my queations


2007-08-24 03:31:09

L am your best fan.L love all of your animations.


2007-08-24 04:27:02

dood you rule. thing ever. great man. kudos to you.


2007-08-27 01:50:28

Congratulations Dave! Have fun during your rain! Drink beer and be merry!


2007-08-27 12:11:22

congrats on being King of the Portal, Dave


2007-08-28 22:22:57

Congrats on being portal king Dave you deserve it because whatever u send out its gold