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News on RAB 19 and an unrelated, upcoming TV pilot!

Posted by Dave - July 16th, 2007

With the upload of the Sci-Fi Guys episodes (created in 2001 and 2002) just about complete, and their collection page in the works, a few dozen or so of you are probably wondering if I'll be submitting Retarded Animal Babies 19 to the Portal any time soon. The answer depends heavily on whether you can accept the definition of "soon" in the context of a galactic scale. I've got a couple decent ideas and at least one completed script, but the next couple months are looking just a bit too tight.

I do have a little RAB game in development as I write this, and it should be up and running within days.

More good news (for me anyway) is that I'm working on a secret TV pilot project which could turn into something very huge. It's not based on any of my own ideas or characters, but I am animating the whole damned thing. The really awful news is that I'll be squandering precious vacation time to work on it. I should really, really be spending it on a beach somewhere in an effort to keep myself from jumping in front of a moving train. I haven't had a vacation in five years, and could very easily punch a baby these days.

In the middle of all this, I'm being forced to relocate now too! I'll be needing to find a place in CT by the middle of August, and move all my crap there. This will be my tenth move in about as many years, and I really ain't happy about it. Wouldn't just be a hoot if the TV thing exploded and I had to move (yet again) another week or two later to LA? Yah. Tee to the Hee.



As you choose to walk,
On new paths for fame,
Please always remember,
From whence you came.

And all will be forgiven,
Being your bequest,
If only you choose,
To fufill the quest.

Seek forth and try,
Bring unto the earth,
RAB nineteen,
And thus prove your worth.

I.e., Good luck on your new TV project, but don't forget about NG (when you become rich, powerful and a down right bastard) and even that will be forgiven, as long as RAB 19 come's out soon. Cheers!

Nice one! I would love to play the RAB game, your sense of humor really makes me laugh HARD!


YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!! I love your work!

Keep it rockin hard man!! PEACE!

~*~Miss Silver~*~

Gotta say I love your work Dave.
Been watching it since RAB came out.

So you got you ideas from working with childrens software eh?
For my little bit I got it from watching my boyfreinds friends.
They go to CAD and do techie guy suff. Ya!

Uh! I feel your pain, just from a different angle...

Ah, new RAB. Awesome. By the way, has anyone told you that you bear a striking resemblance to a younger Chuck Norris? You seriously look like you could roundhouse kick some ass.

Excellent. I don't care how long it takes to come out, I am looking forward to RAB 19. Oh, and you remind me of Howard Moon from the Mighty Boosh. :)

Well that sounds awesomely awesome! Just don't forget all us poor little peons when you've become rich and powerful, feasting on Chilean seabass souffle and spotted owl kabobs on skewers cut from the heart of old-growth forest trees.

We'll be cleaning yer toilets, so remember to include fiber in that elite diet. :P

It's great to see someone from Newgrounds fame possible ready to break into the big time! I always suspected it could happen soon, and I kinda figured you were one of the top contenders for fame.

Anyone as insane as you either becomes famous, or the founder of a religion in which alien ghosts bring discontent to all mankind. Oh, and don't think you can't still go with option #2! Followers give lots of money! >:}

hapy day for you ............ what? i`m done here .... .........

Heres what they said what the f en f is this It means youre sexy hey guys i got the horcrux dont you know what that means HORES!!!!!!!:)

I PEG U!!! ; MAKE MORE RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES!!!!!!!!!! plz,plz,plz... etc.