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Hello! I've made over forty Flash films since 2000 for Fark, CampChaos, National Lampoon, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and of course, you fine folks right here on Newgrounds.

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RAB turns 18 today!

Posted by Dave - 10 days ago

This idiotic thing is actually old enough to vote today:

Retarded Animal Babies 1

Watch it again if you dare! It certainly LOOKS like it came from the bowels of 2003.

DVDs are still available, believe it or not, although in amounts only measured in dozens (of 1,000 that exist). Surely this artifact will be worth more than twelve bucks someday: http://umop.com/dvd.htm


P.S. The last episode (22? 23? who even remembers?) was already made TEN years ago, so you can probably stop asking for another one now. LOL!



Comments (19)

So when is the next one coming? ;)

I'm not going to lie and say I never think about "What If" scenarios for these characters, and I do have a really, really good one. It's just time and energy for me. RAB1 and RAB2 only took about 30 hours to make (being 18 years younger didn't hurt, either), but the standards have skyrocketed since then. Still, I suppose anything would be preferable to another ten years of nothing. Or would it?!

Happy birthday RAB! They sure are old babies now. :) Damn 10 years go since the final one? we all growing old here.

Guess those babies can drink now, I can't believe it's been that long since RAB was brought onto the world.

Two more years and the 16th episode exclusive to DVD will be released on Newgrounds!


I haven't done that yet? I thought I did for some reason. I'll do it soon.

I love RAB!

also your weird al video is pretty gnarly

wow, cool

Is it fucked up to say that RAB was part of my adolescence?

Holy cow we are old.....
Happy birthday RAB!!!

Hooooly crap, crazy to believe it's been that long. RAB was one of of my biggest inspirations back in the day-- watched em all again not too long ago and they're still hilarious. some of the best cartoons to come out of web animation by far. happy birthday RAB!

Happy 18th RAB!

Love your work Dave! Happy birthday to RAB

I'd love to see a fresh episode made sometime haha, the series was always a joyful; fun, slightly brass show to watch but it was always a load of fun, the character voices i had a soft spot for and i've love to hear em once more, if ever x)

Hey Dave, mind if I slap one of these stupid characters into my game, on a wall somewhere, as an Easter egg? I saw that RAB characters are on some of Mick Gordon's audio equipment (watch his Doom 2016 music GDC talk) and it made me want to put them in somewhere as a nod to you and Newgrounds in general. Go for some Dopefish nonsense.

Cool, what part of that video? I'm assuming he has some Metasonix stuff. I did a bunch of stuff for them about a decade ago.

Hope all is going swell Dave!

i would love a reboot to the series i miss it so much also i feel like the series is like south park rather then "Happy Tree Friends"

Happy belated birthday RAB1! Just bagged a copy of the DVD for posterity. RAB helped me survive college, so it's the least I could do!

Thanks for that! I just sent it out today.

still pure gold my dude!

Hell yeah Dave.

Can we do a RAB reunion in a couple of years?

Yup, looks like Metasonix KV-100. haha