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Happy 15th anniversary, Retarded Animal Babies

Posted by Dave - April 6th, 2018

Hello Newgroundsers! Only around 0.01% of you remember me, but 15 years ago I uploaded the first episode of Retarded Animal Babies... a 90-second attempt to be as stupid as possible while creating animated art. I made it in one 29-hour sitting. Probably in my sweat pants.

It's been since 2011 since episode 23... I've been through a divorce, a few moves, had a sex change, and changed it back again (and twice as big!). So it's been a while and I'm really not the same person I was back when my furry little characters cock-n-balled their way into your hearts. I've even removed Episode 20 in its entirety from Newgrounds until I can fix (or just nix) a scene depicting the suicide of Kurt Cobain... I kinda think it's disrespectful these days (not to mention inaccurate... I think the poor dude was murdered... watch "Soaked In Bleach" if you give a shit).

Anyway, people often wonder if I'll ever continue the series, and sometimes I think about it, since I've never made anything more popular than RAB and feel like I'm kind of obliged in some way to at least consider it. But that TITLE. It's pretty rough, right? I've thought about maybe renaming the series "Retreaded Animal Babies" or "Rebooted Animal Babies" to make fun of how Hollywood (and possibly even myself) is out of original ideas, and more recently "Retired Animal Babies" since they're so goddamned old (and yet still "babies," because of the Continuity Bubble that Bunny has them all permanently trapped inside), but isn't that lame & heavy-handed? What do you guys think? That dreaded "R word" has more of a stigma attached to it now than ever before. But my gut feeling is that watering RAB down for the sake of a pussy society's potential butthurt just doesn't sit right with me, and why placate would-be new fans while sacrificing the respect of you dyed-in-the-wool existing ones?

So fuck all that shit. I'd rather the series exist as it is, whether or not more installments ever get made, than to try to rebrand it now. Hmm, "Rebranded Animal Babies?" No. Seriously, fuck ALL that shit. I promise. And that's my anniversary gift to the fans today.

Happy Anniversary to RAB. Thanks for continuing to watch and enjoy it. You're all sick in the head, and I love ya for it! 


P.S. I Photoshop cats on Facebook these days... the meme creator's equivalent of knitting potholders: facebook.com/catlazers


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Been a fan since day 1 and I wouldnt have Retarded Animal Babies any other way

Hope yoy come back eventually!

Retarded (and advanced), was a word used on distributors, to roll back a little, to get the spark just right. Don't sweat it, it's a general term we remember from our youths, used by PROFESSIONALS to describe atypical assholes who were forced into public schools with the rest of us.

By the by, you still have 8 more link spots available in your Contacts/Websites pod thingy, why not add your napkin commission site as well? I hear there's a market for used undies in Japanese vending machines... memes are just little jems, rhinestone cowboys of the literary interweb world.

Anyway, thanks for what was. Wouldn't mind seeing your take on what is and what will be, not many of us creative types who remember the 70's and 80's bother any more. Fuck it, recycle those old assets and do another RAB on the side, it's not like we're using cassette tapes to run computers these days... wonder how those furry fucks would deal with falling into a Reagan era fallout shelter lol. DOn't be afraid of running out of questions, be afraid of the answers, best wishes Dave!!1

I'll add a few links. I retired the napkin thing three years ago but there's other crap. Thanks!

The musings of an aging artist. I loved RAB back in the day. Happy aniversary RAB, you keep doing you Dave :)

This was oddly comforting to me.

Rehabilitated Animal Babies.

Then you can be all positive and have all the characters get clean and sober and stop flopping their cocks all over the place.

Could make an entire set of spin-off alternations on the classy RAB universe with the topic in title rebranding idea. :) Little things like...

Regurgitated Animal Babies
Radioactive Animal Babies
Removable Animal Babies
Racial Animal Babies

...how many suitably bad script ideas can that R really produce. XD

Anyway: Happy 15th! Whether there's more around the corner or not it's an unforgettable part of history at this point! And plenty of macabre moments forever etched in my mind! Appreciate your stance on not going wherever everyone else is going just cause everyone else is going there too. The world wouldn't be as awesome as it is if everybody did.

I thought the same thing for a little while but would have made for confusing branding, and was still an acknowledgement of having to water things down.

I just wanted to say, as much I shouldn't have watched those videos as a kid LOL, they have always had held a special part of my childhood (and coming of age). I love them very dearly and it's so great to hear from you again (I do have your page liked on facebook, but newgrounds is still newgrounds). Regardless, whatever happens I'll be excited to see the future for RAB

Yeah, I should make more posts on the RAB FB page; there is a plethora of old things I could probably share... old drawings, scrapped scripts/storyboards, etc., etc. RAB really is only 1% of what I've done artistically but hardly anything else has ever seen the light of day.

Happy 15th RABversary and 3 cheers for Dave.
Stay awesome.

Man I dont care one bit what you name it, id watch it like I do all the old episodes anyday, but I do think the name sake does matter if you plan on putting it on other sites and such other than NG if views is what you are after maybe a name change would not hurt on youtube and such but I dont think there would be alot of complains here on NG if you keep it the same (but remember the number of views are not the same as it once was back through out most of the 2000s here on NG):D
Eitherway I think the fact that we do see ya stop by now and then here shows that you do still care about the show and honestly why not just give it a go?
It doesnt have to be like a new episode every month or so but work on it now and then and maybe it will come back, even if NG doesnt have the views it once did (as I recall it was one of the reasons why you stopped) but you fans here still after all this time im sure of that.

Nice to know your still alive Dave, I remember back when RAB was new and you did that easter egg thing, I was never first in finding it. Great memories, I had my little brother watch it with me he was was 5, I know, I'm an awesome big brother. Never be afraid to use Retarded, I remember when growing up we just threw that word around like it was nothing, when we called somebody retarded it was cuz they were acting a fool not to make fun of them, people today are just to soft, another word we threw around was faggot, again it wasn't to make fun but just because they were being a faggot, of course today thats's way fucking bad. Anyways peace Dave, maybe one day you'll release all RAB episodes on dvd with yours drawings and stuff as special features and commentary, I'll help commentary.

One of the first shows I watched on Newgrounds. I love how you essentially started with the same concept as HTF but took it in your own, more demented direction. It kinda kills me that you stopped at Episode 23, but my therapist has been helping me cope. Anyways, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Btw, is the DVD still on sale? I might have to pick up a copy soon...

How About "Un-Retarded Animal Babies"? I Mean... You could Make It Kids Friendlier By Not Adding Any Sex Jokes Or Puppy's Balls And No Swear Words to!

Definitely one of the best series I watched as a kid. Helped me believe I could animate in Flash too.

You should maybe just start something NEW and FRESH !

Glad to see you're still around! I've enjoyed an episode or 23 back in the day!

Moar RAB? Foar realsies? Fuckin' YAY!

p.s. Retarted Animal Babies! After Puppy gets a job at the Tart factory (well maybe)

I just do and say whatever the fuck I want without caring how triggered people make themselves.
It's their choice to get triggered like immature butthurt children 'cause they can't handle honesty.
I remember watching Retarded Animal Babies back in high school and I still remember the quotes.
You just know people are gonna bitch about the series being watered down to shit anyway, yo.
My then best friend Jordan Belaska actually introduced me to your Retarded Animal Babies series.
I think he told me about it in middle school and then I finally looked it up on YouTube in HS.
I apologize for any sheltered-sounding comments I may have made back then, I've grown balls.
I don't wanna hear any bitchy ignorant uneducated remarks about social justice warriors.
I wish I had a portal gun so I can escape to any alternate Earth to live on forever.
The portal gun Rick Sanchez uses allows him to go literally anywhere he wants to go.
Hopefully at least one of my infinite selves has actually created a similar portal gun or device.
I don't yet have my own TARDIS, but it apparently gets stuck as a 1985 phonebooth.
Didn't that one panther character technically have white skin under his black fur?

"...had a sex change, and changed it back again..."

Really? I'm super curious how that went. Don't blame you if you don't want to talk about it though.

Wow.. 15 years. I just turned 30 today, but I remember RAB helping me become the (effed up) person I am today; all the old school flash stuff means so much to me. I'm always and forever perturbed, and I thank you for helping define the internet's sense of humor as a disturbing one. I might not keep up with flash like I used to, but I'll always be the person I am today from those dark, dark days back when!

Eugh, i'm so old.

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