New mini-RAB film in the Byte-Size Player today!

2007-07-31 19:44:46 by Dave

Flip around in the ByteSize Player today & you'll finally understand the end of book six of Harry Potter with a new 20-second film... featuring the Retarded Animal Babies! It's just a little nugget... very fun to work on... I really like tiny projects like this & want to do more if I can!

Tom also put together a brand new COLLECTION PAGE for Sci-Fi Guys today. Thanks Tom!


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2007-08-01 04:12:56

That was fucking beautiful, man. Bytesize just got another thousand cool points.

I was thinking of making a flash about the last Horcrux being inside Harry Potter's ass (Ron retrieves it, without using his hands), but then I got really motherfucking lazy and watched porn.

Congrats on the collection page, too, heheh. I didn't realize it didn't have its own collection yet...I just assumed a series that big and popular did, heh.

Speaking of, hopefully the RAB collection page will get another addition in 2007, heh. ;-)


2007-08-01 07:25:08

Just SlashFireStorm says. I also hope there will be another RAB movie on the collection page of newgrounds. ;) Hope you make it soon. :P I also like your bytesize movie. It's funny. HORdrux or something.


2007-08-01 14:20:02

Congrats again, it also seems you're this month's King of the Portal!

Fucking sweeet.


2007-08-01 18:30:03

Haha. I liked the Harry Potter thing. Nice joke with RAB being retarded animal babies instead of whatever that guy in the book was. Good job on the collection too!


2007-08-01 23:34:11

You are fucking amazing. Case closed.


2007-08-02 13:21:50

Grats on king of the portal thingy 8)


2007-08-02 16:03:28

Lol, now all we need is Krinkels & Gary Brolsma on there!


2007-08-04 05:01:07

The mini toon was awesome. I finally understand what happened in the end.


2007-08-04 15:31:49

That was clever! though i immediately thought of RAB when i saw the letters in the book.

but i was almost... too easy


2007-08-05 06:33:34

congrats again


2007-08-05 07:58:46


also well dun on being teh king of teh portal


2007-08-06 08:46:14

LOL it's funny! Good job!


2007-08-06 21:31:14

It's a Horcrux. You know what that means, right? Whores!